Santosha Instructors

Cathy Selzer, RYT

Cathy is an elementary teacher, who first practiced yoga over twenty years ago, but has more faithfully embraced a consistent practice the last eight years. Deciding to take her yoga journey further, four years ago Cathy began actively pursuing yoga instructional training. “I found it to be a means of combining two things I am very passionate about, yoga and education.” With certifications in senior, adult, and children’s yoga; Cathy is enthusiastic about sharing her love for yoga with people of all ages and abilities.

Whether you are just beginning or have been practicing for twenty years, yoga offers something for everyone. “I have found that the synthesis between body, mind , and spirit has truly helped me in all aspects of my daily life—even more so when I’m off the mat. Yoga has really shown me how to not sweat the small stuff, and as they say, it is all small stuff.”

Cathy's Class Schedule