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classes designed to
diversify your practice


Deepen your practice as you explore how structural alignment and breath can create more freedom and stability in the body. This class combines flowing poses, strength-building postures and deep stretching. Leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. Appropriate for all levels.


This restorative, Yin-based class surrounds you with calming candlelight and meditative stillness. Opening your body and mind, you will leave calmer and more present. All levels welcome.


Need a mid-day energy boost and refocus? Do you sit all day at work and need a break to elongate your spine? This 45 minute "quickie" is a great way to open up the body and mind for the rest of the day!


This is our specialty! A grounding, releasing class that balances a more active practice and life. Experience deep stretches held for several minutes in seated, supine and prone poses, targeting the connective tissues, facia and ligaments of the spine and lower body. Learn to allow, receive and open into deeper mind body connection and healing. *Props (bolster, blocks, strap and blanket) are recommended for this class.


An invigorating class that increases heat and energy through breath and flowing movement, promoting increased strength and deeper flexibility. Breath and awareness combine to leave you feeling renewed and empowered. A perfect blend of vinyasa and longer holds to start or end your day.

If you are asking yourself these questions, then stop into our studio to find out at our “Intro to Yoga” classes held twice a month. These FREE classes are open to new clients or current clients who would like more information and detail, or perhaps some help with form. Simply sign up under Classes. At 10:30 AM on the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month, this class will help you to feel comfortable, informed, and ready to join any class on the schedule. Dress comfortably. We have all the equipment you might need.

(Due to Covid 19, we are not currently holding this class.)

Intro to Yoga

What is Yoga? Can I do it?

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