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Savannah Schroeder, RYT

Nine years ago, Savannah’s life was changed by a Groupon. She purchased an unlimited week of hot yoga and the love affair with this ancient art began. What started as a purely physical practice (to alleviate back/neck pain) over time morphed into a spiritual practice, allowing her to connect with her true self and purpose. She continues to show up on her mat because that energy radiates into all areas of her life, making her a better mother, daughter, wife & friend.


In 2017, she felt called to dive deeper into the practice so she dropped everything to travel to Island Yoga in Aruba to study under Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen & LYT Method Founder, Lara Heimann. Savannah’s teaching style embodies strengths from each of these teachers: Rachel’s ability to allow students to heal and connect with themselves paired with Lara’s philosophy of sustainable yoga and poses. Our bodies were designed to move and through yoga she is able to release trapped tension and emotions in the body, clear the mind & shift focus to the present moment. She is passionate about sharing wellness tools to help people expand their knowledge, feel empowered to take ownership of their health and inspire them to follow their passions. She looks forward to practicing with you!!

Santosha Yoga & Ayurveda


Santosha Yoga & Ayurveda

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