Thoughts on Form Builder Plus

  1. Again a nice easy form to use.

  2. The flexibility of the form may be too limited for our purposed but the free version only allowed me to try 6 field elements so I didn't get to explore a whole lot. I think you can see we would have to alter the way the questions are set up from your original form because we would be limited to their field options.

  3. Like the others it is integrated into the WIX CRM and you can view your submission data within the web site dashboard. 

  4. You can also have notifications sent when someone submit apps

  5. My overall conclusion on this app is it might be too rudimentary for our needs. 

  6. But it does have usefulness for quick and simple forms.


The Free basic package is very limited. 6 form fields and only 25 form submissions per month

The premium is better starting at $3.33 for 10 fields and pricing going up for more.

More info on pricing