Thoughts on this app
  1. I have chosen to show you an example of the slide form application they had as a template, but there are many other templates to choose from.
  2. I found it easy to use once I understood the interface and that wasn't difficult either. 
  3. This form is design entirely on the Jot Form web site and embedded code is placed on the page for the form to appear. You can also direct people to the Jot Form site to fill out the form.
  4. There are widgets and apps available to customize your form if you don't find a default field that fits your needs in the basic wizard.
  5. Once the user submits the form, the data is sent and stored on the Jot web site.
  6. Data can be exported to pdf, cvs, excel
  7. You can also have applicants upload their question answers documents to the Jot web site and download them to your computer.
Payment Options:
Free version
version appears to have everything you would need. The only downside is Jot branding would appear on the form. This version looks like it would have everything you need to complete your form.
Branding is gone and this is the main reason you might want to pay the fee.
There are things like more storage, more forms and more possible replies.
See pricing page for full details