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Thoughts on this app

  1. This is an integrated app meaning it is run entirely through WIX. 

  2. Because it is integrated submissions are collected with in the WIX web site. 

  3. But there are ways to have them emailed to you or have submitted essays uploaded to outside places like dropbox or google docs.

  4. This is designed by WIX and while it is very flexible when it comes to layout, it also works with the existing fonts of your web site so it looks like its truly a part of your web site.

  5. Multiple people can be notified when an applicant has filled out the form

  6. Data can be exported to pdf, cvs, excel

  7. You can also have applicants upload their question answers documents to the Jot web site and download them to your computer.

Payment Options:


Free version

Is too limited for your application as it only allows for 10 fields

Premium package Starts at $10

Allows for unlimited fields and file storage and upload.

See pricing page for full details