Santosha Instructors

Nikki Estes

E-RYT, CAP, YACEP and Owner

Nikki Estes has dedicated herself to mind-body wellness since 2003. Having over a 16 years years of experience in movement therapy including yoga, pilates and strength training, she is a certified, experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT) registered with Yoga Alliance and a yoga Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica.

Scott Fisher

E-RYT, YACEP and Owner

In 2008 an unexpected ‘appointment with the Universe’ propelled me out of the courtroom and on a quest journeying the World in search of Truth.It seemed I shed business suits for Thai pants because everywhere I traveled, Yoga was there waiting for me.

Jill Follett

RYT, Founder

Jill encountered yoga in 2004 in Oregon. From that point on, yoga has been teaching her.  Through yoga, she has found gratitude for the ability to move her body, more compassion and the strength to breathe through the lessons life provides.

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Julie Amundson

Julie Amundson loves to learn and share her knowledge. She came to yoga as a physical therapist with an interest in learning more about alternative forms of healing and exercise. In Yoga, she found ways to further improve the body’s strength and function.


Mary Jo Esser

Mary Jo trusts and believes passionately in the saying that “exercise is the best medicine for your body.” Her inspiration for teaching is rooted in the therapeutic results of being committed to an exercise program. Her classes reflect her love for being active and living a healthy lifestyle. She is drawn to the transformational effects of exercise and respect of what the human body is capable of in mind, body, and spirit.

Lindsey Holmes

Lindsey has dedication and commitment that goes beyond expression.  Lindsey believes a yoga practice should be free of judgement, competition, comparison and expectations.  She first discovered yoga in 2012 shortly after the studio first opened and has been practicing there ever since. 


Lisa Nelson Brandon

Lisa believes in the power of yoga to transform the way we move through the world.  She concentrates on alignment and helping students find a greater sense of ease and happiness in their bodies.  Her refreshing style blends traditional hatha and modern flow to create a class experience that is both accessible and uplifting.


Cathy Selzer

Cathy is an elementary teacher, who first practiced yoga over twenty years ago, but has more faithfully embraced a consistent practice the last eight years. Deciding to take her yoga journey further, four years ago Cathy began actively pursuing yoga instructional training. “I found it to be a means of combining two things I am very passionate about, yoga and education.” 


Savannah Schroeder

Nine years ago, Savannah’s life was changed by a Groupon. She purchased an unlimited week of hot yoga and the love affair with this ancient art began. What started as a purely physical practice (to alleviate back/neck pain) over time morphed into a spiritual practice, allowing her to connect with her true self and purpose. She continues to show up on her mat because that energy radiates into all areas of her life, making her a better mother, daughter, wife & friend. 


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