Santosha Instructors

Jill Follett, RYT, Founder

Jill encountered yoga in 2004 in Oregon. From that point on, yoga has been teaching her. Through yoga, she has found gratitude for the ability to move her body, more compassion and the strength to breathe through the lessons life provides.

She has studied yoga and the teaching of yoga in a variety of places. Mostly from within herself, but also through gifted teachers, YogaFit and Alignment Yoga in Madison. She teaches with humor, professionalism and kindness toward all. Her current passions are breathing, anatomy and alignment, and the nervous system.

“I hope that each person who enters Santosha finds Santosha!”

Stand Tall & Realign

Jill Follett

Scapular Stability is the focus of this all levels class. Bring awareness into the shoulder blades, building strength in lesser utilized muscles in order to move safely in vinyasa.




Chill Pill with Jill

Jill Follett

Stabilize your mood in this uplifting, playful class. Advanced beginner and up for this slow flow, Yin/Yang practice.




Advanced Beginner Practice

Jill Follett

Twist and shout (for joy!) as you stimulate the GI tract and 3rd Chakra. Release negativity and invite vitality to your body/mind. Props needed: blanket and block.




Slow Flow

Jill Follett

Get your circulation flowing and energy revved in this slow flow class. Twists and inversion focus with headstand as the culminating pose. Advanced beginner/ Intermediate level.




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