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Video Classes Available


Heart Opening Flow

Nikki Estes

Enjoy this heart opening flow that allows for reflection of your authentic self. Explore "satya" or truthfulness on and off your mat.



Express Yoga

Scott Fisher

Feel like you don't have time for a full hour class, but maybe something in between? Join Scott for a 40 minute yoga express class. This strong flow will be just what you need to break through stale winter energy.



Yin Yang Yoga

Scott Fisher

Bring yourself into equilibrium with this Yin Yang practice. Perfect to create a platform for a balanced energy start of the day or to create a nice descent into a harmonious evening. Enjoy!



Yin Yoga for Balancing Yang Energy

Scott Fisher

Join Scott for this soulful Yin class with 3-4 minute yin postures. This class and each posture holds a key to dissolve tension, decrease stress, and increase mobility.



Yin for the Solar Plexus

Nikki Estes

Improve digestion & metabolism, increase spine mobility and empower the solar plexus in this supportive yin practice. Twists and exploration of core muscles are the focus in this class.



Fiery Flow

Nikki Estes

Stoke your inner fire and build strength and determination in this flow practice. Increase your tejas (solar energy) while discovering tapas (burning discipline) to help you bring action towards intentions for the new year.


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