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Video Classes Available


Heart Opening Flow

Nikki Estes

Enjoy this heart opening flow that allows for reflection of your authentic self. Explore "satya" or truthfulness on and off your mat.



Yin for the Hips

Nikki Estes

Release tension in the muscles attached to the pelvis. Explore Aparigraha, the concept of non-attachment. Breathe, relax and let go.



Yin for the Solar Plexus

Nikki Estes

Improve digestion & metabolism, increase spine mobility and empower the solar plexus in this supportive yin practice. Twists and exploration of core muscles are the focus in this class.



Flow for Hip Flexors and Hamstrings

Nikki Estes

Practice poses that stretch the hamstrings and open the hip flexors, leading to a happy low back. This is an all levels class. Feel refreshed and revitalized to take on the rest of your day.



Fiery Flow

Nikki Estes

Stoke your inner fire and build strength and determination in this flow practice. Increase your tejas (solar energy) while discovering tapas (burning discipline) to help you bring action towards intentions for the new year.



50th Birthday Flow

Nikki Estes

Open your heart in this 50 minute flow and make yourself a priority as you explore self love. Everyday can be a special day for self care.


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